My friend is growing a farm of marijuana flowers

When you live in a state where recreational and medical marijuana is legal, you can grow a certain amount of marijuana for yourself. In the area where I live, the amount of marijuana that one person can grow is eight plants. At any time, each individual over the age of 21 years old in the house can have up to eight plants growing. If myself, my wife, her sister and her husband, and my mom all live in the same house, then we can have up to 40 plants at the same time. I don’t know if you have ever seen 40 marijuana plants growing at once, but it is quite a scene. It takes a lot of work to grow 40 marijuana plants. That’s why my sister and her husband live on the farm with my wife and I. We spend 8 hours every day working on the marijuana farm so we can grow the best flower available. We work with a co-op to supply marijuana to veterans. We supply the marijuana at no cost in order to qualify for other grants and programs. We also supply some of our marijuana plants to local dispensaries. A lot of our money comes from growing marijuana. It’s nice to live in a place where we can farm and work in an industry that is on the rise without worrying about getting into trouble. As long as we don’t grow more than 40 marijuana plants, we aren’t breaking any laws. We’ve had a couple of people out here to check on our farm and they have been unable to find any reason to shut us down.

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