My sleep schedule is been greatly improved thanks to OG kush

Indica strains such as OG Kush offer a particularly sedating effect that is unbelievable plus good for an night at home.

OG Kush was 1 of the first strains that I ever tried smoking after marijuana was first legalized.

This was back during the time when I was in school. One of our friends was going to visit some other friends then came back to school with a pound of OG kush. The stuff was harsh and stinky plus all of us had to figure out something to do with all of the marijuana before the dormitory plus the resident advisor figured out that all of us had a bunch of weed in the dorm. It wasn’t legalized then, so all of us did our best to hide the weed in the refrigerators where the odor would not be as bad. The OG Kush strain was good for an afternoon of exams plus I enjoyed being able to smoke as much marijuana as I desired. I stopped smoking OG Kush plus other marijuana strains after school, even though I recently decided to get back to marijuana after the nurse commanded that it might improve our sleeping schedule. Medical plus recreational marijuana are both legal now plus available in many different dispensaries situated all across the state. I went to a local venue near myself and others plus found the same OG Kush strain that I had when I was at school. I had to get the marijuana strain that was the same for old times sake. It was much better than I remembered from school plus our sleeping schedule has improved greatly since I went back to smoking recreational plus medical marijuana products.
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