Cannabis consultant hires and fires people for me

I am not wonderful at hiring people, but i just get along with almost everyone and hire them.

If they seem nice, show up to the interview and want the job, I will hire them.

If they supply me a sob story, I will hire them. I have experienced some concerns being a bleeding heart. I have experienced some genuinely bad employees in our lifetime. I luckyly have come up with a genuinely wonderful solution when it comes to hiring and firing. I use a cannabis consultant when I need more people on our team, planning, organizing, legal paperwork, etcThe cannabis consultant wears numerous hats. I have our medical marijuana consultant strictly handle hiring and firing of employees! When I need modern people I call the guy in to interview them. I don’t even meet the potential candidates because I think I will ruin things, and the medical marijuana consultant then has them undergo training and on a temporary hire process; He manages them, watches their performance and decides if they need to stay on or not. When an employee doesn’t do what they are supposed to, I have the marijuana corporation consultant do our dirty work. He handles reprimanding people and writing them up. He also does all the firing that I don’t want to do. It is nice not having to be the bad guy ever. It is great that I can have a great staff too! Everyone has weird skills in business. I just think that I am not that wonderful at studying people.

Recreational marijuana business consulting

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