Now all of us have recreational weed

For the longest time our state was only permitting medical cannabis.

It was aggravating since medical weed is so regulated. I had to get the actual medical weed card and renew it once a year. I had to spend our money a bunch of fees, fill out paperwork and the amounts and style of weed I got were regulated. I couldn’t just option up an edible, our prescription didn’t allow for it. I also couldn’t buy all the cannabis flowers that I wanted. The doctor only permitted a certain amount each month. I couldn’t even get absurd with strains, mouth guess and smell. I was stuck only getting indicas with a certain CBD and THC ratio. Now our state allows for recreational cannabis. That means no card required. I can just be 21 years old and walk into the closet cannabis dispensary near me. I can option up edibles, sativas and any kind of strain I want. No, I can’t just walk in with a duffel bucket and buy everything. The state doesn’t allow people to hold that much product. That is the only regulation though. I can buy what I want and I love it; Recreational weed is much better for me. I like being able to test out weird THC levels and decide if I like a sativa or indica. It is much more fun of a process for me. Now that our state allows for medical and recreational weed, I would suppose everyone would do what I do. Who wants to go through all the medical weed steps in order to get that card?



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