I was honestly very mad, however the manager was able to help

I contacted the manager because I was pretty angry to be honest

I called to place my order at the marijuana dispensary near me, because the website was not actually working at all. It took about 15 or 20 minutes at least to get someone on the iPhone. I had to call all sorts of different times before someone picked up the call. When I finally got the manager on the iPhone, I told him about the drawbacks with the website. He apologized and informed me that I was the first person to say anything about that particular problem. He assured me that he would reach out to the technical support team to have the issue fixed in a timely fashion. He offered to take my order over the iPhone and he offered me 10% off. I was most definitely less worried with the 20 minutes or so of calling after I got 10% off and the manager was completely nice on the iPhone. I ordered a couple of different items that I commonly get from the dispensary near me. Some of the items are products referred to as cured resin sauce. The cured resin sauce is most definitely very gooey and it can actually get all over if the products are turned upside down. This type of problem definitely has happened in the past with the dispensary. I was hoping that there were not going to be any troubles with the products that I ordered, however 2 of the live resin concentrates were all over just like I was worried about. I contacted the manager because I was pretty angry to be honest. After all of the setbacks that I had placing the order, I was truly hoping that everything would be perfect with the delivery. Once again, the manager was legitimately nice and helpful, which made me feel entirely calm and at ease. He offered to replace anything in the order with no hesitation.

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