Using a topical for my pain

I am all about topicals.

With cannabis I don’t want to smoke or eat it.

A topical is a cream, lotion, balm or patch. It is a cannabis product that is applied directly to the skin for relief. Typically a topical doesn’t have any THC that is going to get into your bloodstream. The patch option when left on for long periods of time could do that though plus theoretically get you high. Most users of topicals are using it for joint plus arthritis pain. I have some pain in my fingers due to arthritis. I used to eat gin soaked raisins like they were going out of style. I also made sure to watch what I eat plus periodically massage my hands. They still felt narrow plus uncomfortable. When I found online that people rely on cannabis for chronic pain, I figured I would supply weed a chance. The budtender told me that a topical is the best for arthritis, but he got me a cream that I now apply twice a day. I do it a single time after my shower plus a single time before bed. It is just like a normal cream other than there is cannabis in it. I feel a slightly tingling plus cool sensation when I apply it. Consider it like an icy hot but much more powerful. The smell is better too. I have a lavender scented topical that relaxes me during the day plus easily helps me sleep at night. I can tell when I have forgotten to use my cream since my fingers tighten up immediately.

Medical marijuana

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