The pet scared me and caught me off guard

A lot of people have pets, however I am not the type of person that likes to have pets in their home, and i am allergic to pets and cats and I was bitten by a pet when I was a small child, the pet was walking down the street with his owner.

The pet was on a leash, however the owner did not have full control of the pet.

The pet lunged away from the owner and bit my leg. I had to go to the hospital and have numerous stitches, but ever since then, I have been fearful and I do my best to stay away from situations where I might be with an odd pet, when I make deliveries to marijuana customers, I consistently make sure to tell the customers that they will have to meet me outside. I do not go into any customers’ homes to deliver marijuana, however only a couple of weeks ago though, I had a customer that was disabled and I had to walk up to the front door. The customer did not tell me that she had a pet. When the customer opened the door, the pet started barking and growling. I dropped the tote on the ground and I stepped back quickly. One of the jars of concentrate broke inside of the bag. The customer was annoyed about the harm, and I told her that I would return to the store and pick up a strange gram of cannabis concentrate. I asked the person to put her pet away next time or meet me at the front door.

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