Hanging out at the cannabis lounge

During the long, hot summers of my youth I would often hang around the local ice cream shop.

This town was so small they didn’t even have a Dairy Queen, they had the cheap knockoff version called Tastee Freeze.

It was pretty much the same as DQ, selling ice cream treats, as well as burgers and fries. My pals and I would hang around there all day long, having snacks and killing time in the killer air conditioning. Back then not everyone had AC, so it was an extra treat as much as the ice cream was. I live in the big city now, and am an adult so I don’t haunt the ice cream shop, instead I hang out at the cannabis dispensary. My favorite cannabis dispensary is within walking distance of my house, is open 7 nights a week, and best of all has a smokers lounge on the second floor. The first level of the building is a big, sprawling cannabis shop, with aisles filled with every cannabis product you can think of. They even have a section just for farmers, with the equipment people need to grow marijuana plants at home. On the second floor they have the cannabis smokers lounge, or as they call it the “Chill Zone.” Here people are allowed to hang out, play games, watch movies, vape, eat cannabis edibles, and basically have a relaxing time. My favorite thing to do is to buy one of their cannabis drinks, usually a fruit juice or seltzer, and then spike it with a flask of vodka I brought from home. I get stoned and drunk all at once.

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