The delivery truck didn't bring anything from the manufacturer

Monday morning is the time when the delivery truck is supposed to bring all of the marijuana products from the manufacturers. Everything is stored in one large place downtown and a delivery truck brings items to each of the individual marijuana dispensaries. When the delivery truck showed up on monday, I was surprised that we didn’t have anything at all from one specific manufacturer. This particular manufacturer always sends us pre rolls, flower, and cannabis concentrate. I didn’t have time to speak with the delivery driver while he was there, but I called the manufacturer as soon as I looked at the order and realized that the items were missing. It took a long time to get someone on the phone. When I finally did reach customer service, they didn’t have an answer for me. The woman tried to tell me that my items were still on the truck. I thought that was a great thing, because they could circle back and bring everything that the dispensary ordered. When I tried to get the customer service team to give me a time for later that day, the woman said that she could not bring the items until the next day. The next day came and went and the delivery truck did not come back to the marijuana dispensary. I called the company again on Wednesday and this time I found out that the manufacturer does not do business with that specific company anymore. If I want to buy products from that marijuana company, I will have to find a different delivery company.

Marijuana delivery service

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