I adore to eat pizza when I smoke recreational marijuana products

I adore the taste of pizza. The ooey gooey cheese drips down the plate & slides off the crust, but some of our preferred toppings are ham, pepperoni, green peppers, & mushrooms. I prefer to have a small amount of sauce & lots of cheese. I really adore to order pizza when I am high, then recreational marijuana makes me assume really hungry & I crave pizza love deranged when I have been smoking marijuana. I smoked a fat blunt of gorilla glue & after that I called the pizza shop to order a giant pie. I talked to the manager on the cellphone & the man told me it would take 30 fourths. The total for our pizza was $25. I got a supreme with extra cheese, so I expected it to be almost twenty bucks with the delivery charge. I waited & waited & after that I fell asleep. I don’t remember falling asleep, however I woke up & immediately thought about the pizza. I ran to the door, but no 1 was there. I looked at the clock & it was 2am. I called for the pizza at 1030. The pizza shop was already closed down for the night. I had no plan if the guy delivered the pizza or not. I woke up the next morning & called the pizza shop. The manager said that the delivery driver banged on our door for ten fourths & did not hear anything on the other side. They still charged our debit card for the pizza, but they gave to remake the order for pickup later that morning.
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