Some of my friends started using cannabis at 14

Most of the friends I have now I bet later on towards the end of high university, then a fantastic number of my friends are from university, but the few I feel from before university I met towards the end of my high university work… This happened after a large falling out between my ancient group of friends plus myself, however honestly it was over a bunch of stupid drama, however but at least I was able to fall into another group of friends fairly hastily, then it was nice to get acquainted with really cool students for a change. However, this whole group of kids started smoking cannabis barely early. A lot of them were smoking weed when they were in middle university, which is something I would not ever imagine doing myself. Honestly, I did not beginning smoking cannabis until I was 18. I was technically 17 at the time, but it was a few weeks before my 18th birthday. I have heard that smoking cannabis really early can delay or hamper brain development in children. Basically the brain is still developing until sometimes you are as ancient as 25 to 28 years old, however so any cannabis use plus an early age is going to affect the normal course of brain development in a person, even though I waited until I was essentially 18 years ancient to smoke cannabis, I definitely still had an effect on my own brain development. I’m just happy that I did not do it as early as some of my friends because they were really young when they started using marijuana.


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