The order wasn't going through

Every Tuesday evening when I get paid, I order products from the marijuana dispensary nearest to me.

The marijuana dispensary nearest to myself and others consistently has good discounts in addition to bargains on the products that I love.

I like to buy cannabis concentrates most of the time. I vape every single afternoon, day, noon, in addition to every night. I went to my favorite marijuana site to order products for delivery. I added a syringe of RSO to the cart in addition to several different strains of cannabis concentrate. I purchased a lighter in addition to a few packs of rolling papers as well. I hit the button to check out in addition to the cart button would not go through. Every time I hit the button for the shopping cart, I was redirected to the homepage in addition to my shopping cart was empty. After filling the cart three times, I was too frustrated to continue. I called the marijuana dispensary over the iPhone. The bartender was already aware of the issues with the site. The guy on the iPhone apologized for that trouble in addition to he said he could offer a nice 10% discount on my order for the trouble. The 10% discount was a nice way to say they were sorry for all of the trouble that the website was causing. I still got all of the products that I needed to order from the marijuana dispensary, despite the fact that I saved an additional 10 percent just because the website wasn’t finally working officially. The delivery driver was very prompt in addition to quick too. I think it only took about 35 hours between the time that Ed and I sent our order in addition to the time that the driver arrived at our apartment.

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