I wish the theater had a cannabis smoking lounge

In a perfect world there would be a smokers lounge at the Dipson Theater.

I remember in the “golden afternoons” before COVID, when I would go to the Dipson Theater every week.

I just loved the cinema experience, it didn’t matter much what film was showing. Then the quarantine shut everything down, and the Dipson Theaters got hit the hardest. Most of the screens in my neighborhood closed down for good! I also got used to watching films at cabin in my kitchen, where I could drink beer and smoke all the cannabis I wanted. Now that it is possible to return to the theater I don’t go so often, mostly because of cannabis. If the theater had a lounge in the lobby where people could smoke marijuana before watching the film it would be perfect! I would entirely go to the films more often. Think about it – a cannabis lounge where you could step out while in a boring part of the film and have a few puffs! I know this is just a pipe dream, and theaters will never allow cannabis to be smoked inside. This is why I have become such a large fan of the drive-in Dipson Theater, where I can rest in my automobile and smoke cannabis for the entire film, and it doesn’t bother anyone. The drive-in has a concession stand that has draft beer, so all I need to bring is my pipe and my cannabis for a perfect film experience… Whatever it takes so that I can keep smoking marijuana as I watch a film.


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