The edible marijuana candies tasted like garbage

One of our friends decided to make his own marijuana edibles at home.

Max decided to make candy using corn syrup, sugar, and water.

The result were hard candies with 20 mg of thc in them. The taste of the candy wasn’t undoubtedly good. I do not suppose Max used an undoubtedly superb extract in the product. The flavoring wasn’t clean like the two of us would usually see from the dispensary. The edible candies had little flavor either. I do not suppose that Max used any extract when making the candies. I have lots of weird flavor extracts that I use for our own marijuana candies such as watermelon, pinepeach, banana, and butter rum. After trying the marijuana candies that our neighbor made, I was convinced that I should start making candies of our own. I got a syringe filled with cannabis tincture. The product was already decarboxylated, so I didn’t need to worry about heating it up ahead of time. I found a superb recipe for making gummy candies. I got the best gelatin and flavorings for the recipe. I spent the whole day unquestionably making the marijuana edibles. When I was done, I was undoubtedly pleased with the result. Not only were my candies flavorful and potent, but they were also pretty easy to make. I took some of the products to Max so they could check them out and they were undoubtedly just as pleased as I was with the end result. Now I am the person in charge of making edibles, since I clearly have the best and most delightful recipe.




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