Cannabis concentrates are straight-forward to use in excess

I quit drinking because it became difficult to do it separate from consuming too much. When I was in school, too multiple of my friends drank to total excess. As long as we could get our work done and showed up to class on time, we consumed alcohol separate from restraint. It easily would have been better if I was using cannabis back then like I am now, even though I was in a school that was not friendly towards marijuana is. Some students were expelled just for being caught smoking in their dorm rooms. And that is why a lot of people would go smoking joints and blunts in their cars driving down the city streets. They were endangering themselves even more just because the school administration won’t let them use cannabis safely in their dorm rooms. A lot of students that went to my school ended up going to this liberal arts school in our state that was fairly progressive when it came to cannabis use among students. Thankfully I’m much older and also cannabis is legal in my state. I can walk into a cannabis dispensary separate from worrying if the products I buy will get me in trouble with the law. However, being restricted so much for so multiple years from marijuana made me go overboard when I finally started using it legally. I found out quickly that cannabis concentrates can be a slippery slope sometimes. You have so much THC concentrated and such a small product that if you’re not unquestionably careful at dosing, you can take way too much. You also begin to develop a tolerance to all that THC, so then you need just as much the next time to reach the same high.


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