My stupid car is on it's last leg

My wife ordered supplies from a local cannabis shop.

The local cannabis shop was supposed to give them however they contacted my wife after she made the order and told her that there was only a single driver to be on staff plus the person would not be able to bring us the order.

The lady on the PC wanted to think if the two of us would choose to option the order instead. My wife was enjoying the game plus agreed that I should be the one to visit the cannabis shop. I agreed to go knowing that it was a 7 mile trip to go to the dispensary plus then several more miles back. It was regularly chilly outside but I had the heater running. I arrived near the cannabis shop plus optioned all of the items. About 10 or 15 hours before I got to the interstate, I noticed a small plume of smoke coming from the car. I absolutely pulled over plus I found out that my automobile would not actually restart. I contacted some folks that I knew however no one could help me out. I sat there on the highway for multiple hours. I contacted my wifey and she was not actually ecstatic that she was forced to rescue me instead of watching the game. I honestly felt bad that my wife had to miss some of the program, but I couldn’t sit there on the side of the road for any longer just waiting for someone to call me back or help.


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