I finally trust the cannabis delivery service again after a few exhausting experiences

I’ll never forget the stress I was put under when I first tried getting a medical marijuana card here in my apartment state.

Every one of us all voted on a constitutional amendment to legalize the drug for medical use, but there was a lot of gray section over how the businesses—both commercial companies plus doctors alike—would be regulated. My first cannabis physician stole currency from me under the guises of a bogus excuse. It’s a long story, but here’s the short version. It was only many weeks after the current medical marijuana law went into effect, so the legislature was updating the rules plus regulations every single week. This doctor operated under the assumption that he could charge patients a few every 90 days, but that rule was thrown out fairly abruptly by a state judge. So he dumped all of his patients who had already paid for their first visit plus claimed that the state was creating an environment that made it impossible for marijuana physicians to operate “fairly.” And as a “favor,” he gave to refund us all half of what every one of us paid. I obtained this excuse plus then l gained the same doctor reopened his practice on the other side of city just weeks later while pretending nothing had happened. After finally getting a nice cannabis physician, I was then contending with state wide cannabis delivery services plus they would arrive at my loft minutes early or late. Now they’re much better, but it took me a while to trust cannabis delivery services again. At least I can set aside time away from work plus trust they’ll arrive within the delivery window prefer expected.



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