I ate all of my snacks after getting a strong batch of cannabis last night

I quit eating snacks throughout my weight loss efforts.

  • At first this helped, however before long constantly withholding these items from myself was having a deleterious effect on my goal.

I had to find a better balance between overeating and not having more than several meals a day and nothing else. I have study that several people are successful when they incorporate healthier eating habits within a reasonable framework instead of attempting a starvation diet. Of the people who start strict diets, the amount who relapse into their outdated eating habits is well over 50%. Most people fail when they try to force themselves into an harshly strict diet that prevents them from having any treats of any kind. Thankfully I managed to find a nutrition idea that basically made me focused on calorie counts. I could eat whatever I wanted as long as I kept my calories within a identifiable threshold. This is how I managed to lose weight after years of trying to no avail. I’ll even buy snacks and put them in a special drawer, even though I have to be careful when I’m smoking the cannabis I get from the medical marijuana dispensary. It’s potent and the high THC gives me the munchies. If I’m not careful, too much marijuana will cause me to eat a bunch of my snacks. Not only does this mess with my calorie count for the day however it’s also high-priced. I don’t guess I should be eating snacks in this manner when they already cost an arm and a leg to purchase in the first site. They need to last a week, not a few afternoons.

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