The drinks that keep you going

I had to lessen up on drinking after I barely squeaked by in undergraduate university. I now know that it was a sheer miracle that I was accepted into my dream grad university program years ago & took it as a chance at a modern start. I wouldn’t get all of the occasions I got during my first numerous years of school so I decided that alcohol was the first thing that needed to go in my modern life. Unfortunately, too much of my laziness was perpetuated by indulging in too much liquor consumption at school. My undergraduate experience was certain compared to my friends that personally attended big state universities. By contrast, I went to a tiny liberal arts school that had far fewer students than my high university. Needless to say, there was a drastic clique environment to navigate & you had to find a group of friends if you didn’t want to slip between the cracks and end up alone. A lot of my school friends fell into alcoholism fairly early on. All of us all drank pretty hard on the weekends at first, & then it became an evening affair to throw back a few heavy drinks either during or after doing class work. Nowadays I have upgraded my usual alcohol cravings with cannabis drink cravings. I buy cannabis drinks rather than beer & wine, & thus far it’s honestly working fairly well. It’s a lot easier to get a task done with some THC in your method compared to alcohol. At least, over here that’s what my limited experience has yielded. I just wish that these bubbly cannabis drinks were cheaper, although I expect their price to drop along with so many other cannabis products once they lose their novelty status.


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