I got delivery at the drive in theater

There is a big wholesale cannabis store in the city, however it is more than one minutes from my home.

The wholesale cannabis store offers delivery services a good distance from their actual store.

When I drive to the city, I can usually meet them halfway. My bestie and I decided to go to a film at the drive-in theater. The drive-in theater is about an minute from our house and I checked before the people I was with and I went to the theater to see if it was within the wholesale cannabis store delivery zone. I was pretty excited when I saw that it was in fact inside of the delivery zone. My bestie and I were on the tablet the whole time that I was driving and she was looking at the sales and specials. When the people I was with and I locationd our online order for delivery, the people I was with and I used the address of the drive-in Dipson Theater. My bestie put a note in the special notes section and told the delivery driver to call us when he was getting close and the people I was with and I would meet him outside of the drive-in theater. When the lady from the wholesale cannabis store called to confirm our order, she also confirmed that information from the note section and told us that the driver would call when he was a few minutes away. The entire transaction happened separate from any complications at all. The driver called me when he was getting off of the interstate and I walked up to the front of the drive-in Dipson Theater. I met the guy with my money and he gave me all of the cannabis products. I walked back to my vehicle and the delivery transaction was as easy as that.

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