Cannabis flower products are the true full spectrum marijuana experience

Variety is important in any industry because we’re not all after the same things in life.

  • For instance, pizza is a fairly ubiquitous food dish, but it’s assumed that everyone has their own favorite varieties.

You’ll often see examples like cheese-only, pepperoni, meat lovers, and supreme, but these are just scratching the surface of what’s available at pizzerias and boutique restaurants. It’s somewhat intimidating if you look up pizza recipes on the internet, because you’ll be stuck just trying to figure out what kind of crust you want to make from scratch. When you look at all of the options available in the pizza world, imagine taking this and scaling it up to an exponential degree. The marijuana industry has so many different kinds of products within each administration method umbrella. For instance, some states will separate cannabis inhalation products from topical creams, edibles, and smokable cannabis flower products. Cannabis edibles cover everything from candies, dessert treats, cannabis drinks, and even capsules filled with RSO. But if you want the truest “full spectrum” cannabis experience, you should stick with cannabis flower products. That’s the whole plant form of cannabis and typically gives the user the most of the active compounds that are found inside and produce the desired effects in each user. There are also concentrated versions of cannabis flower products called hashish and rosin, which will give you many of the same cannabinoids and terpenes, but in a much more concentrated form compared to flower buds. That’s why I prefer these kinds of marijuana products when I shop at local cannabis dispensaries.
Cannabis oil

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