My sister Amber started a job at a medical marijuana store

Last year, my sister Amber started a new job at a medical marijuana store here in town.

Amber has always thought that she wanted to work in the field of medical marijuana education because she really wants others to become better educated about the medical uses for marijuana and the medical uses for CBD in general.

Amber has always had a lot of chronic pain issues, ever since we were back in high school. She has always been on the lookout for different things to help her with her pain levels and so whenever she came across medical marijuana and it helped her, it changed her life. She wanted to be of service to other people who deal with chronic pain too so that they will not have to suffer with chronic pain the way that she has over the years. When Amber started to work at the medical marijuana store last year, she really loved it. Now, she’s decided that she wants to get all of her medical marijuana certifications so that she will be able to help out at the store with all of the many medical marijuana educational programs that they offer. They have a whole curriculum of medical marijuana classes that they offer to the public, but Amber says that she thinks that she can improve the program. I think that she’s probably right and I’m excited to see where she ends up going with her life. I think that she will probably end up being very successful when it comes to the marijuana education programs that she writes!



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