There’s a difference between CBD plus THC products

If you’re like me, you grew up knowing truly little about marijuana.

I have never smoked because I was always scared of what I would be like if I were to get high.

So, that fear of the unknown has kept me away from experimenting with the drug. Over the years, I have been around people who use marijuana both casually and for medical purposes. In fact, my sibling Jason uses medical marijuana for her chronic back pain. She has said it has done wonders for him. I believe him because I have seen a change in her ability to function after she has used medical marijuana. If it wasn’t for my sibling, I would absolutely be so ignorant of the benefits of medical marijuana. Also, she has taught me so much about the drug itself. For instance, I had no idea what the difference between CBD plus THC was. First, she taught me that CBD means cannabidiol plus THC means tetrahydrocannabinol, something I didn’t know before. Then she taught me that CBD products do not provide you that euphoric feeling because they contain no THC. So, essentially, CBD products are safe for children to use. In fact, it is used to help with seizures, sleeping issues and hyperactivity. There are also medications on the market made using CBD that help to treat particular seizures in children. I have learned so much about CBD plus THC and the benefits of medical marijuana, plus I am still learning more from Jason, and even though I don’t use any medical marijuana products, I am convinced that they are truly effective for particular illnesses.


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