The nurse was content I was using medical marijuana.

Several weeks ago I had to go to the emergency room. I was in so much pain that I could barely breathe. I was afraid to talk to a nurse. I was afraid they would judge myself and others for using medical marijuana, & I worried that the pain was being caused by using too much medical marijuana. When I was called into triage, the nurse inspected myself and others before he even did any paperwork. She went over all my meds & asked if there were any over-the-counter drugs I was taking. I admitted to using medical marijuana & waited to be condemned. Instead, he asked if it was making a difference, but after saying I wasn’t using as much tylenol, he told myself and others he was happy I was using medical marijuana. They made too various people my age believe as if it was wrong to take medications that weren’t made in a science lab. I had used marijuana as a teenager, however not since. When medical marijuana was legalized, I was ready to get my medical marijuana card, & get medical marijuana to help with my insomnia. I wasn’t sure if I was getting myself in trouble, however it felt superb to confess to someone that I was using marijuana & not being condemned for my choice. She told myself and others again how much it content her, although I wasn’t sure what the nurse was going to say; Not a word was said about the medical marijuana, however the two of us had a long talk about drinking more water, & the reasons for the several kidney stones he was going to remove that same morning.


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