Vaping makes it easier

I am all about making things easier for me.

I am willing to spend a little more money for convenience.

The cannabis dispensary near me offers curbside pick up for free or cannabis delivery for a small fee. I guess it is worth the cost to have our cannabis products sent right to our house. I don’t want to mess around with our ATM card, make the drive and wait in line. I am willing to spend our savings for the straight-forward transaction at our home. I also buy cannabis products for someone lazy like me. I used to smoke cannabis flower. I then found I didn’t like lugging all the gear around. You have a lighter, ashtray, grinder, etc. I then changed to pre-roll joints which made it a little simpler. I still needed something to light it with though. I then have since changed to cannabis oil. I have a vape and multiple flavored vape cartridges. I don’t need to stick to one strain now with the oil. I also just carry our vape when I go out. I press a button, it heats the oil and I am in business. It honestly is the easiest system if you want to smoke. I prefer that our vape can be tied around our neck and stuffed in a pocket if need be. I do prefer that it doesn’t create an odd smell either. I prefer that I can get all the products I want within an hour and smoke within a few moments. That is worth paying more in our opinion.


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