I ran into my ex at the cannabis dispensary

She still looked amazing, but I kept my cool and pretended I didn’t recognize her

Ten years ago I experienced the worst break up of my life. I was at the university at the time, and fell in love with a young woman named Gail. For six months Gail and I were inseparable, and were even talking about marriage. Then she met another guy, and with shocking abruptness she dumped me. I was so upset I quit school and moved back here. After a few months of depression I got back out into the world and found a full-time job working the front counter at the local cannabis dispensary. I never thought about getting a career in the burgeoning cannabis industry, but I was in the right place at the right time. Years have passed, and now I am the manager of this cannabis dispensary. My career has sort of topped out, I suppose, because I can’t get another promotion unless I leave the cannabis dispensary and join the corporate offices. This cannabis dispensary is part of a nationwide chain, so I run the place but I don’t own a stake in it. Last week I was covering a Sunday shift for one of my budtenders, and guess who came strolling into the cannabis dispensary? That’s right, it was Gail. She still looked amazing, but I kept my cool and pretended I didn’t recognize her. She knew exactly what kind of cannabis she needed, and gave me her order without seeming to recognize me, either. Was she pretending, like I was, or had she legit forgotten me? I played dumb, rang up her cannabis, and sent her on her way without saying a word.

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