I smoked a lot of bud last night and I felt horrible this morning

I could hear it in his voice on the phone

I woke up this morning with the absolute worst headache. I don’t think that I have ever had a headache the day after I have smoked marijuana, but last night I smoked more bud than I ever have in the past. One of my friends had a contraption called a gravity bong. I have never used a gravity bong and it was my first time. I took a couple of rips off the gravity bong and I smoked two infused marijuana joints that I bought from the dispensary near me. I also drink a fifth of Jack daniels. The Jack Daniels is probably the actual reason why I woke up this morning with a headache, but I’d rather blame the headache on the marijuana so I don’t have to deal with the fact that I probably have a problem with alcohol. I’ve been drinking 2 weeks straight every night since my girlfriend left me. This was the first time that I woke up feeling like crap and I had to call work and cancel a couple of appointments. My boss was really aggravated and ticked off. I could hear it in his voice on the phone. He already gave me a warning last week for being late and now I had to call and cancel the appointments. If I don’t get my act together soon, there’s a pretty good chance that I’m going to lose this job. If I lose the job, then I’m going to lose my friends, my apartment, car, boat, and the keys to the beach house.

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