I was wishing the cannabis dispensary would have more CBD.

The first time I walked into the cannabis dispensary, I was disappointed.

I thought I would see marijuana paraphernalia as well as different pot products.

I expected there to be pot pipes as well as pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes behind the case. I wanted to see the overpriced roach clips as well as pot grinders. I didn’t expect a sterile environment that looked nothing love I imagined. The only thing reticent of marijuana was the overwhelming odor when I first walked in. I asked where all the edibles were, as well as why they didn’t have any gummies or space cakes on sale. The girl I was talking to told myself and others if they were selling legal recreational marijuana, it would legitimately be what I found. They sold only legal, medical marijuana, then what I was looking for was not on the medical marijuana list as well as they couldn’t sell it. She was nice enough, but I bit her off because I was feeling surly. I didn’t want to smoke pot, but that was a nice thing. They could sell you marijuana leaf or bud, but it was illegal to smoke pot in our state. I could buy a vape pen as well as vape the pot, but that was extravagant. It made myself and others wonder why I wanted to purchase medical marijuana, if it wasn’t convenient to use. I had already spent the cash on the medical marijuana ID card as well as thought I should purchase at least a single thing. I got the topical cream the pharmacist suggested for our knee pain, however after using it for a week, I knew I would continue using medical marijuana, regardless of how sterile the dispensary looked.

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