Making it a priority to lower his blood pressure

My hubby provided blood the other day plus was told that he has high blood pressure. It rattled the more than 2 of us, however thankfully he is just on the cusp of being dangerous, he is just considered a bit high, nothing that requires medication; After hearing about it though, our hubby wanted a lifestyle change. I was more than willing to adjust how all of us live to make him healthier. I recognized that our careers cause a lot of stress in our day to day lives, but my hubby plus I both have managed to get online based jobs now that all of us can set our own hours. It is project based, rather than time based. That way if it is too much work, reducing it is easy. This is better for our mental health. With physical health I have pushed our hubby to start working out with me; Every one of us go for a swim on the weekends, bike rides plus play tennis during the week. He feels so much better plus is able to sleep easier at night, however for emotional well being I have pushed cannabis. Cannabis is known to reduce stress, promote sleep plus help with lowering blood pressure. The marijuana store near myself and others offers a whole laundry list of products. The more than 2 of us browsed plus talked to a budtender for over an hour. It was decided that vaping a cannabis oil a few times a day would be best for our hubby. The cannabis oil is made to mellow him out plus relax him. It also is supposed to lower his blood pressure. Every one of us shall see.

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