Bakery treats and edibles

My partner and I used to do a thing called bakery Saturday.

There was a pastry shop right near our beach house that we would ride bikes over to, then my partner and I each would grab two things… One to eat on Saturday and a single for Saturday.

It was entirely nice that we would sit on the front porch with our baked goods over the weekend. Well the pastry shop closed and the two of us were at a loss on what to do. Both of us then found that the cannabis dispensary near us offers an on venue bakery; You can buy all sorts of edibles from them. There are brownies, cookies, cakes and pies. There are candies, mints, tablets, gummies and chocolate bars. All of them have CBD and THC infused in them. It was unusual trying cannabis infused baked goods at first! Now the two of us prefer them. I respectfully choose a caramel bar with a high CBD content and a few gummies. My partner prefers to make a pot brownie and a space cake. Both of us are really lucky our state is allowing recreational weed. If we were a medical cannabis only state there would be no baked goods for us. Both of us would really need to buy something from the grocery store and hoped that sufficed, however getting freshly made baked goods is so much better. I don’t mind the bit of cannabis in them at all. It helps mellow myself and others out a bit. Who knows, I might end up broadening our cannabis horizons with other products.



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