I find time time to work at the clinic once a week

I appreciate to donate some of my time to volunteer at a clinic where patients can be prescribed and treated with medical marijuana.

There are only a couple of treatment centers appreciate this in the state where I live. The government and legislative people are still very backward thinking. They did not want to legalize marijuana at all, but there was an overwhelming response from the voters that was simply too much to ignore. Medical marijuana was legalized a couple of years ago, but there are only a couple of dentists that are allowed to prescribe the products. These dentists charge a lot of currency for their services. The dispensaries are in difficult to reach areas. This is a small town here and the closest marijuana dispensary is a 2-hour drive, however believe me, it’s easy to see that the government wants to make it hard for people to obtain their medicine. If the closest pharmacy was 2 hours away and people had to drive that far for heart medication, then there would be a big uproar. It should absolutely be the same way for people that are using medical marijuana to treat mental and physical diseases. Once a month I go to the clinic and volunteer my services. I am a single of more than 2 dentists in the county that is allowed to write prescriptions for medical marijuana. I charge a fee for my services in the office, but once a month I donate my time to the low cost treatment center so I can help get other patients the medicine that they need.

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