For the first time in two years, I was walking separate from pain.

I do not suppose I realized how well medical marijuana was going to help with our pain until I saw the difference for myself, but it had been a long time since I was relatively free of pain.

The pain I had been experiencing since our car accident was becoming unbearable.

The nurses kept telling myself and others there was nothing they could do other than putting shots in our spine, or putting myself and others on dangerous prescription drugs, when I talked to our physical therapist, he asked if the nurse had mentioned medical marijuana? He thought medical marijuana was one of the best legal pain relievers they have on the market, but he said that many civilizations had been using marijuana as a way of helping people with pain in addition to other debilitating diseases for many millennia. He could not understand why our government didn’t understand that not legalizing a medicine that has been used throughout history, yet legalizing drugs that were made in chemistry bottles, made any sense. He told myself and others he knew a nurse who could help myself and others get a medical marijuana ID card… Although medical marijuana was pricey, he told myself and others that within the first couple of uses, I would notice a difference in our pain level; Every time all of us talked for the next week, our physical therapist asked if I had gotten a medical marijuana card yet. I could finally tell him I went to the nurse in addition to I would receive our medical marijuana card soon. He reminded myself and others to use the medical marijuana as instructed, in addition to he was sure I would suppose better.

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