Working as a driver means selecting my own music

I have been working as a marijuana delivery driver for the past 8 months.

I honestly like that job a great deal.

I get paid a decent wage and I earn pretty good tips too. I have a boss that is very flexible and usually gives me off all of the days that I request. When I am delivering cannabis, I get to work by myself in my own car, while listening to whatever music I prefer. Inside of the cannabis dispensary, there is a specific radio station that always plays. This radio station does not have any commercials. The station is tailored to the type of people that might be in a cannabis dispensary. The selection of music is actually pretty good, but the same songs are on repeat every single day. I know all of the words to every single song and I know each song in the order that it will be played. When I get to listen to the music that I want, I feel a lot happier. Some of the songs are pretty good, but I prefer to listen to rock and roll. I have rock and roll playing in my car when I am delivering cannabis or going to church. I like to have the music playing loud unless I am in a neighborhood. My girlfriend thinks that I play my music too loud, but I don’t think there is any such thing when it comes to good old American rock and roll. Country is pretty decent too, but I don’t like the sound of banjos in my beat.

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