Protecting the cannabis dispensary after hours

My dad was in the Marines and knows a lot of tough guys.

I live in a big city that has a lot of cannabis dispensaries. There are eighteen of them within the city limits, and another dozen or so in the areas nearby. I manage one of the smaller dispensaries, and have joined a group chat on Facebook where I can exchange information with all the other shop managers. We do this as an act of self-protection. We exchange information about customers because we want to look out for one another. Yesterday I read a message in the group chat that was pretty scary – one of the cannabis dispensaries outside of town had been robbed. In the middle of the night, when the cannabis shop was empty, thieves ripped the front doors off of the building and stole $18,000 worth of products and cash. They literally ripped the steel bars off the front of the cannabis dispensary, then ran inside and stole everything they could get their hands on. In a panic about protecting my store, I called my Dad and asked if any of his roughneck friends would be interested in an overnight cannabis security job. My dad was in the Marines and knows a lot of tough guys. My plan was to post a couple of armed ex-soldiers out front of the cannabis dispensary overnight, while it was closed. Nobody was going to mess with these guys. I offered to pay them, but as it turns out these guys were willing to work for cannabis instead of cash! I spread the word to the other cannabis dispensary managers, as well, because I think this idea will work.



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