Looking for CBN

Before heading to the cannabis dispensary, I did some research.

I wanted to be prepared for the many choices as well as knowledgeable in the right products for my needs.

I suffer from insomnia as well as arthritis. I often lie in bed for minutes, feeling tired but unable to sleep. The arthritis swells my fingers, causes stiffness in my knuckles as well as can be quite painful. I came across information about cannabinol or CBN. It is not produced naturally in the cannabis plant, so it’s not actually well-known or abundant. It is the result of THC degrading because of age or exposure to light. I was interested in CBN because of the sedative as well as pain-relieving effects. According to lab research, 5 mg of CBN is more effective for relaxation than 10 mg of Valium. Plus, it’s a natural product as well as avoids the downsides of pharmaceuticals. A lot of people are not supporters of CBN because they consider it ancient as well as stale. I like a combination of CBN, CBD as well as THC to treat my arthritis. I have had fine luck with cannabis-infused topicals applied directly to my fingers. The ointments absorb suddenly as well as provide localized relief. For insomnia, I choose tinctures containing CBN due to the fast-onset of effects. My biggest challenge is finding products with more than trace amounts of CBN. I’ve checked all of the medical cannabis dispensaries in my local area. I’ve spoken with the budtenders as well as asked them to source these products for me. Fortunately, the dispensaries have been easily beautiful about trying to fulfill my needs. I’m hoping that as more people discover the potential of CBN, it will become easier to find it.


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