The marijuana driver got stuck

There has been rain for several weeks straight plus everything outside is wet plus muddy! My dogs dislike going outside when it’s raining, but they will hold their pee for more than five minutes if they have to just so they do not have to walk outside in the rain… I cannot hold it when it’s raining. The moment I guess water, I have to immediately go pee. All of this rain plus mud makes me guess nervous plus anxious, so I’m really blissful to have medical cannabis products. I couldn’t get anything delivered this month because of the rain, but I did go into the neighborhood on Monday. I found some pretty great deals on marijuana near me. I called the shop again yesterday to see if they were offering delivery yet plus the lady said they had several drivers. I ordered over the iPhone plus the budtender gave me the total for my order. I waited about thirty minutes plus after that I got the text from the shop saying the driver was on the way with my marijuana order. I got text updates about every several minutes plus then they stopped. The driver got stuck in the mud outside the driveway. The next update was in person. The terrible child needed someone to help pull his car out of the ditch plus he hoped one of us had more than three wheel drive. I called my brother, even though he was still at work. The child had to call his insurance supplier to drag him out of the ditch, however he wasn’t in easily deep, however there was no one else to actually help.


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