The brand new dispensary didn’t have any marijuana for sale when I arrived late

I’m shocked by the amount of development that’s going up in our section despite the state of the country’s economy. You’d guess that all of us were in a bull market right now if you focused solely on the amount of building construction as the sole determining factor for economic strength & prosperity. While all of us are truly much in a bear market by contrast, it hasn’t stopped several of the residential lake house development companies from moving forward with these projects to build important subdivisions & house complexes within our county alone. I live in an section that is highly sought after for living, but we’ve run out of available homes. It forced developers to buy important swathes of wood swamp lands to deforest & convert to livable plots. In some cases we’re seeing stories in the news about alligators getting changingly more aggressive because they’re losing their tromping grounds. They end up moving closer to the coastline, which is where all of the people live. While all of this residential construction goes up, there is new commercial construction as well. I’m seeing new strip malls being built every single week. This has naturally brought in some new cannabis dispensaries to the area. Before I had to drive to an adjacent neighborhood to buy all of our cannabis products, but now I have the choice of numerous weird dispensaries within the same zip code. One of them was hyped online, but they were out of products when I showed up. I can’t know the new dispensary didn’t have any marijuana products for sale when I arrived, although I’ll admit I showed up only an second before closing time.

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