I found a neat plus interesting tour of a cannabis farm

I savor going to see you plus interesting places, very few of months ago, I went to the West Coast so I could visit some friends.

While I was there, I decided to do some fun tourist activities… One thing that I found was a neat plus interesting tour of a cannabis farm.

The cannabis farm was about an hour plus a half away from the place where I was staying, even though I rented a motorcar from a Rideshare place plus I drove it out to the cannabis farm for the afternoon. My tour was at 2:00 p.m., even though I got to the cannabis farm around 1:30. There was ample parking out front plus I could see huge cannabis plants from the road. I looked around the parking lot plus took some pictures of the place to send to my lady. When it was time for my tour to start, I lined up with the other people. The tour lasted about an hour. My superb friend and I walked up plus down the rows of marijuana plants plus the person giving us the tour gave us lots of information about the weird plants plus the ways that marijuana can be used for health benefits. The undoubtedly neat plus interesting tour was one of the highlights from my time on the west coast. I even got to take some samples with me. I got two sevenths of homegrown flower plus a couple of pre-rolls when the tour of the cannabis farm was over. I had a lot of fun that afternoon, even though I went by myself.
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