She didn't even remember my first name

She did not recognize my name at all from any of the contests or the clues

My high-school sweetheart was a rebel in addition to an outcast. I believe these were reasons why she was beautiful. She cared for her father in addition to the cars in the garage in addition to dressed up in faded denim that was always a turd in addition to radi. That girl had the best smile and she could crack open a beer and hang out with the best of us. She was really the only person that I knew that was able to roll up cigarettes on her own. Many years later, I found out that she was in a car accident and lost her leg. She then decided to move right back to the city area in order to start up a cannabis shop. I was really having problems after the Marines and I felt that a prescription for medical marijuana might be able to help. The prescription had done me unquestionably little good up to that point because there were no cannabis dispensaries nearby. I was unquestionably enthusiastic to have the cannabis shop but there was a little bit of Anis due to the collections. I was trying to wait until my college sweetheart was gone, but she was seemingly always there. One day I decided to walk into the store whether she was there or not. She ended up being the one to help me place my order. She did not recognize my name at all from any of the contests or the clues. After all that time I spent worrying, she didn’t even remember my first name.

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