I took a giant leap of faith

I was working in the pizza delivery industry and I consistently was selling weed whenever I went to a person that smelled like they were smoking inside of their home.

The people I was with in addition to myself probably could have gotten into a lot of trouble when we were doing this at work.

Luckily I never did get into trouble and no one ever found out that we were selling marijuana while we were delivering weed. I looked for a different kind of job and found one that was actually being a weed delivery driver. The job sounded like a lot of fun, but I had to take a leap of faith and go to a different job. The cannabis dispensary offered lots of delivery options and the demand was there for me to get a good job. The people I was with in addition to myself completely flipped the script. We gave up our nighttime job of delivering marijuana products and just decided to be a legalized delivery driver. The tips are pretty good and every once in a while I run into someone that is looking to score a huge amount of marijuana. There are many different parts of me that believes that I should start bringing a fresh pizza every time I make a cannabis edible delivery. If people start ordering pizza with the Cannabis products, then a cannabis delivering pizza store would certainly do very well. I think there is some room to grow the place too. That’s all it will take.


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