I changed my perspective thanks to cannabis

I was game to see just what cannabis could do for me when it came to balancing my life. But I wasn’t all that sure that I’d be too impressed with the results, and really, I thought that most people were sort of making a big deal out of nothing when it came to my work/life balance. Sure, I work a ton of hours. But that’s what it takes to get things done in my line of work. It wasn’t like I was making the rules so I had to put in lots of hours, and prior to using marijuana, I would come home tired and looking for a few drinks before eating and collapsing for the night. Then, it would be up and right back at it the next day. And this goes on and on unless I’m on a getaway. It’s not that I enjoyed that lifestyle as much as I was sure that was my only option. Thanks to the great people at the local cannabis dispensary and the sativa strains for sale, I’ve been liberated. I’ve been liberated from the bondage of thinking that the way I was doing it was the only way it could be. I know that’s what sativa products have done for me more than anything else. There is a feeling that I’m waking up to the fact that I’m honestly in charge of this life. I have the agency to do what I need to do in order to be a whole man. So while it’s still early, there is real change afoot. I told the boss that I’m capping my hours at 50 and if that doesn’t suit, we need to figure out a separation plan. I’m committed to change thanks to cannabis.

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