I didn't need anyone to tell me their opinion

A lot of people in my family wanted to voice their opinion when I started using medical marijuana.

They made sure that I knew that it was generally unacceptable to a great number of my family.

I was harassed, called names, and purposely left out of family functions. I was hurt and upset in the beginning, but I knew that they didn’t know the real and true effects of marijuana. Marijuana has a wonderful history of providing mental and physical healing. The only reason it isn’t legal is because of big tobacco industry. They would lose a fortune if marijuana was legalized across the entire nation. I’m happy to live in a state where marijuana is at least legal for medical use. It absolutely helps with the back pain that I feel and it also works on my anxiety and depression. I’ve suffered from general anxiety disorder since I was a teenager. Medical marijuana seems to help the anxiety by making my nerves feel more relaxed and calm. It’s funny, because most of my family has no problem with picking up a 12 pack of beer to take back to the house and alcohol has claimed far more lives than marijuana. I think they’re all uninformed and really missing out on the medical benefits of marijuana. I use an edible marijuana each morning. I dose with 10 mg of THC and 10 mg of cbd. I don’t have the same amount of anxiety and stress that I used to feel at work and I am generally more easy going. People at the office have noticed the change in my behavior and it seems like all of the reviews are positive except the ones from my family.

medical uses for cbd

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