Recreational cannabis doesn’t always come with higher taxes than medical

I’ve been mostly happy with my state’s medical marijuana program, and that’s despite any genuine criticisms or frustrations I might have about packaging rules from the Department of Health.

I have to remind myself how difficult it was to even find marijuana in the first place when all my state had was a black market.

On top of that, you couldn’t guarantee you were getting safe cannabis that wasn’t at some point along the line contaminated with something else like pesticides, paint fumes, or packaging materials. Some could say I’m exaggerating, but that’s not the case. I hated spending $60 on an eighth of weed in 2011 that smelled like a moldy mattress. Not only that, but how could you say for sure if you were getting the strain that your dealer claimed it was? People make this joke about the strains at legal cannabis stores, but those companies pay a lot of money to get unique genetics of the cannabis plant. I like having a legal medical cannabis program because of the benefits we get as customers from the regulations and rules that are created by state legislators. We are pushing for recreational cannabis in this state so more people can get access to the plant. Nowadays you have to pay at least $375 a year to be a medical marijuana patient between doctors’ fees and the fee paid to the state to renew one’s medical marijuana card. Some say that state taxes will be outrageous with recreational cannabis, but sometimes recreational cannabis is taxed the same as medical cannabis; otherwise, the difference in some states is minimal.

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