The clearance bin was filled with eighths

By the end of the month, the marijuana dispensary near me has a sale on all of the products in stock. Any item that is about to expire is placed in the clearance bin. Usually there are lots of different items in the clearance bin like edibles, concentrates, cartridges, and eighths of marijuana flower. I went to the store on the 1st of the month hoping to purchase a couple of different concentrates from the clearance bin. Unfortunately for me, this time it was completely filled with eighths of marijuana flower. Some of the packages were high-end marijuana. Even after they were marked down, they were still pretty expensive. I looked at every single item in the clearance bin and I picked out all of the packages that were less than $10. I ended up with 10 packages of marijuana, to concentrate, and two edibles. Later that day one of my friends called me on the phone to tell me that he went to the marijuana shop and there wasn’t anything good in the clearance bin. I told the guy that I had been there earlier that morning and he wanted to know what I found. I told the guy all of the marijuana strains that I picked out and he wanted to purchase some of the items from me. He was even willing to pay two or three dollars more for each item. I sold the guy all of the eighths that I bought and one of the edibles. I made a few extra bucks and we both ended up getting a good deal.




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