A holistic lifestyle after a health scare

My mother had a health scare not too long ago; Her heart started beating at an irregular interval plus she thought she was having a heart attack.

I rushed her to the hospital plus everything turned out to be fine. It was a large time scare for her though, however now our mother is taking matters into her own hands to be healthy, rather than just do a fad diet plus work out, she is looking into being more holistically inclined. That means her mental, physical plus spiritual self all are being taken care of, and my mother has seriously split down on the amount of work she does to lower her stress levels. She also is swimming, biking, kayaking plus going for walks throughout the week to split weight plus be healthy. She has changed to being a vegan plus only buys the freshest foods… Another change is that our mother has introduced CBD into her diet; CBD is the section of the cannabis plant that is used for medical marijuana patients. It doesn’t get you high, it provides relief from anxiety, depression, sleeping problems, etc. There is a CBD store near me that our mother frequents a lot. She undoubtedly has gotten into cooking with cannabis. She says it relaxes her plus the CBD products undoubtedly help her sleep at night. She has all sorts of flavored oils, butters plus spices that have CBD in them. Apparently it helps her sleep like a baby. My mother wants to join me on this holistic approach to her life. I am not sure I am ready to supply up red meat.

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