I forgot to bring an umbrella to work

Even though I have allergies, I still love the springtime. I love the way that it smells outside when it is raining. I don’t mind spending my day outside when it rains. I think that is one of the reasons why I make a good delivery driver. I can drive in the daytime or at night and I don’t have any problems if it’s raining or snowing. I have an umbrella that I keep by the door. I always grab the umbrella when it’s raining and I always check the forecast before I leave the house. It’s important to know what to expect when you work as a marijuana delivery driver. Unfortunately, my mind has been very frazzled lately. I’ve been thinking about proposing to my girlfriend and it’s the only thing I have on my mind. I forgot to check the weather on Monday and I didn’t grab an umbrella either. By the time I got to the marijuana delivery service, it was already raining. There was nobody at the store that had an extra umbrella. There was nothing I could do except grit my teeth and bear the rain. The first delivery that I had went to an older woman in an apartment on the lower West Side. The old woman looks like my grandmother and she was just as kind and sweet. I delivered her medical marijuana supplies and she told me that I needed an umbrella. I told the woman that I left mine at home that morning. She reached behind the door and she gave me an umbrella. It had been her husband’s before he died.


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