Someone tried to open the backdoor

I studied really hard so I could pass my test to become a police officer.

Everyone in my family thought I was joking around about becoming a cop, but I was totally serious.

I liked all kinds of cop shows when I was a kid and I never thought of doing any other job. My parents would have been happy for me to go to law school or medical school, but I wanted to be a law enforcement officer out there on the streets. I know my parents wanted me to be happy, but they also worried for my safety. One of the first cases that I investigated on the police force was a burglary at a marijuana dispensary and delivery service. Marijuana has only been legal in the state for a couple of years. There are a few dispensaries and delivery services in our city. One of those places is in an area close to the interstate. There have been a couple of problems from time to time at the dispensary. I responded to a request for assistance on a Tuesday morning. I started my shift at 7 a.m. and the call came to dispatch about 30 minutes later. The manager arrived at the marijuana dispensary and found the door pried open. The door wasn’t completely pried open, but the burglar definitely tried to get into the store. The manager called the police and I arrived to secure the perimeter. I did not find anyone inside of the store and it did not appear that anyone actually came through that door. The deadbolt and alarm system stopped the perpetrator.

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