Finally the cannabis dispensary got more popular

I still played plus sang, of course, but I also hosted the event.

When the smokers lounge first opened, it was a ghost town, then the clients at the dispensary would always come in, opportunity up their orders, plus then leave. The store manager is named Bob, plus he wanted to find a way to keep people in the store longer; His goal was to make the cannabis dispensary plus the smokers lounge a cool, hip location for people to hang out, as I said, it was a disaster at first, so I asked if I could bring in my guitar plus play some songs, and perhaps if there was entertainment then people would be more likely to hang around the cannabis dispensary for a little while. I am not the world’s greatest singer or guitar player, however since no one else had any ideas for helping the cannabis dispensary, Bob said I could supply it a try. This generated enough interest that Bob was compelled to beginning an “Open Mic Night” in the cannabis dispensary on the weekends. I still played plus sang, of course, but I also hosted the event. Anyone who was a proper buyer at the cannabis dispensary could sign up for a 10 minute slot to sing, do comedy, or whatever they wanted. This brought it some fresh clients, however it also gave people a reason to hang out at the cannabis dispensary. As a rule, the longer someone stays in the cannabis dispensary the more products they buy. Thanks to the Open Mic Night the profits on the weekend shifts at the cannabis dispensary more than doubled, you should come check it out for yourself!


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