Cannabis consultant saved me from choosing the wrong building

Finding the right building for your cannabis dispensary is absolutely key.

All the paperwork, licensing, rule following and financing is important as well. But the building is where you store the money makers and begin your business. That was the most exciting step of the whole process. I was actually buying something that was going to make me money rather than just paying fees for papers. I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to choose a building. I am so thankful that right from day one of this process I had hired a cannabis consultant to be with me. I had a building that was reasonable in price and I was getting the seller to lower it even more. My cannabis consultant immediately halted me and told me that I couldn’t use the space. When you are buying a cannabis dispensary, pay attention to the zoning restrictions. For example, in my area you can’t have a dispensary within a certain distance of a school, church, community center, library, park, basically where children will be present. The building I was going to buy was right next to a church. Thank goodness I found that out right away. The cannabis consultant helped me track down the proper space. He said that we needed to find a building that catered to our target audience. We wanted to pay attention to the establishments around it. Is there parking? Is the community cannabis friendly? Is there competition nearby? All these things I never considered until my cannabis consultant pointed them out.


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