I was nervous over visiting the dispensary.

Just the fact that I was going to a marijuana dispensary had my nerves on end.

That I had a medical marijuana card & was visiting a marijuana dispensary for myself had myself and others prepared for a full-blown panic attack.

I was beginning to hyperventilate by the time I got inside. I handed the receptionist my medical marijuana card, & I had to wait a couple of hours before going inside, and once someone came out, I could go inside. I odored the marijuana when I was just inside the door, however it overwhelmed myself and others when I got inside. I was hoping it would not be as strong, although I was wrong. I wasn’t sure I wanted to enter the marijuana dispensary, & I was ready to walk out when someone grabbed my arm. I pulled away until I turned & realized it was my sibling. We had never talked about medical marijuana, & didn’t recognize he was using it for his anxieties… She said it wasn’t just for anxieties, & spread his arms out. I realized he wasn’t using a cane. She said medical marijuana helped his to get walking again. My anxieties lessened as he told myself and others what products he was using & what he liked most. I obtained several marijuana products based on his suggestions, & was surprised at how well it worked for my own anxieties. If I hadn’t met my sibling at the medical marijuana dispensary that morning, I really would have turned & walked away. I was happy I went through those doors, even though my body was telling not to enter.

how to get a medical marijuana card

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